”Max Tattoo bangkok”

sstudio had been established since year 2000, Our crew have a very high team work and all tattooist experience over 15 years also won in numerous awards!
We provide our priorities with high quality and hygiene, and all our tattoo equipment that we used are imported from Europe and of course the best equipment we are using. We’re the first tattoo studio in Thailand holding a tattoo license which is recognized in international as well.

Offering Tribal, Black & Grey, Old School, New School, Biomechanical, Lettering, Portraits, Realism, Asian, Media/Cartoons and Anatomical. Our artists can create custom work as well, often on the spot. Almost any design you can imagine can be made into a beautiful tattoo. Bring all your ideas and references…postcards, printouts, photos, etc. to create your own custom body art.

The artists



Lead Tattoo Artist

Takky has a 15 years experience and lots of follower by Thai tattooist and international. He is specialized in Oriental , realistic , vibrant color tattoo and black and grey .



Tattoo design/Artist

Arrt have won several awards during tattoo conventions when they attend.



Specialized freehand Style

Phai, specialized Maori, geometric and new school style, all works come with freehand, customized as you can see at our gallery.


  • Your Idea

  • Sketch It

  • Make An Appointment

  • Tatooing

The safety of our clients is of utmost importance at Max Tatto. We ensure that all tattoo and piercing instruments and materials are either thrown away or sterilized in a high-pressure, high-temperature autoclave after each use.
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