Tattoos are an investment in your body. We give our soul and energy to make your tattoo admired and loved. All grips are sterillized and all needles are single use. Surfaces are cleaned with operating theatre disinfectant. Come and see us for a free consultation and to see why we are Thailand's top tattoo studio.

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There’re lots of new Tattoo shop coming up at Khao San rd , and it was so different like before . And there’re some nice studio around , but why I’ve choosen Max tattoo , because all thier work are free hand and customized and they have been there for more then 15yrs if I’m not wrong , plus all thier awards are winner. oh ya , by the way Miami ink have visit Max studio twice , if you pass by the studio , at the front door you can see Max and Miami pic , that’s the studio of Max . You’re the best Max.joanne ng
Best and ever to get a tattoo from Max tattoo . I’ve do lots of research and walking up at down at Khaosan Rd, but what i know Max tattoo is rocking on khaosan Rd since year 2000 , is been 15 years …lol If you guys wanna get a tattoo done the best recommendation is Max tattoo . Plus what i envy them is their awards , all winner , so be wise to get a tattoo done in Bangkok , everyone claim to be the best , but Max works speak for them self , and even Miami Ink visit them for a shooting on their series ! Max tattoo crew you guys are the best and i recommend you should move your studio to Sweden as your works has reach the international , so make a move ! Best regards From PatricPatriic Nicolas
I had my first tattoo done here and I love it. The guys are humble and accommodating with a masmasterclass in their artwork.Stuart Mason

D&D Inn Hotel Room No. 470/3 Khao san Road

Taladyod Phranakorn District  10200 Bangkok Thailand


Phone:   +66 (0) 26291642
Mobile : +66 (0) 871100435



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